Sun, 02 Aug 2020 13:11:07

The point of this website is to keep track of our captured flags and the things we’ve learned at defcon28.

We are all doing this remotely, so it makes sense for us to have somewhere to put it all. Also, if we do end up doing pretty well in a CTF we need to have proof of the capture, including how we did it. This should accomplish that.

This website is generated using Hugo and deployed using GitHub actions to GitHub Pages. This entire process is configured to be completely automated. Here is the process flow of making a new post

  1. Create new post using hugo command. hugo new post/
  2. Write post and commit it to a branch in the website repository
  3. Create a pull request and have someone else on the team review it
  4. Merge pull request
  5. GitHub action automatically builds the website using Hugo and deploys it to the repository
  6. GitHub deploys all new changes to the repository master branch to which also points to

Initial Port Scan